Get better exposure on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Nowadays, a good presence on social media such as Facebook is one of the main keys to a company’s success. An active social media page gives you exposure as well as a new platform for quality customer service. Your page and all the interactions taking place on it act as a virtual showcasing of your business and can transform into increased revenues quickly and with little effort.

Social Networks Advertising and Management

Advertisements and sponsored content on Facebook are available at an affordable price and allow you to make your company known to a larger client base and conquer new market shares. These posts are integrated directly to the users' newsfeeds, right beside their friends' and favourite businesses' activity, instantly grabbing their attention.

Elisys offers a social media management service, which includes content creation (scheduling posts at determined intervals, in accordance with your budget) and customer service (answering customer enquiries, comments or messages). Our expertise ensures that the content we are publishing under your name is of high quality and will generate growing interest towards your business as well as increased exposure. We ensure proper follow-ups of your page's statistics so that each post specifically targets your preferred audience and reaches as many potential customers as possible.