Improve your customer retention

Why opt for a loyalty program for your business?

  • Retaining a customer costs 4 to 5 times less than acquiring a new one (Forrester Research)
  • A 5% increase in customer retention can improve your profitability by up to 75% (Bain & Co.)
  • The likelihood of closing a sale with an existing customer is 60 to 70%, but only 5 to 20% with a new customer (Marketing Metrics)
Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program not only allows you to increase your sales while mobilizing fewer resources and generating less costs than with client acquisition, but it's also a worry-free process that's very easy to implement. Your loyalty program is integrated to your billing platforms and allows you to send customized e-mails to members, for example shortly after they've made a purchase, to encourage them to come back.

Personalized Marketing

Over the last few years, the ways in which we communicate with customers have changed greatly. Mass marketing, such as mailing simple promotional emails or subscribing to newsletters, is no longer sufficient.

The experience of personalized marketing consists in reaching out to your client base in a way that caters to each person's profile. LoyalAction's expertise lies in the segmentation of your client base in accordance with their buying patterns and communication preferences. Each person is unique, which is why your approach and the message you're sending must be unique too in order to optimize the response.

There is one goal: customer retention.

Competitive Benefits

Integration to your billing system

Integration to your billing system

  • Add specific rules to the allocation of points
    Ex.: Double points upon purchase
Gift cards

Gift cards

  • Manage gift card amounts
  • Transaction follow-ups for each user
Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

  • Comprehensive management of the customer experience
  • Unique insights on customer feedback and complaint follow-ups
  • Automated in-house surveys
  • Automated integration of positive reviews on your website with customers' consent
Automated and personalized communication

Automated and personalized communication

  • Respect of your brand image on all aspects
    Ex.: Emails sent from
  • Based on buying patterns and seasonal preferences
  • Compliance with the anti-spam legislation (C-28)

iPhone and Android mobile app:

  • Native LoyalAction mobile application
  • Download on the App Store or through Google Play
  • Displays points balance and transaction summary
  • Allows for communication with company through different contact methods (card, phone, website & form)
  • Allows the company to benefit from mobile device perks (push, geo-tracking, virtual map)
  • 97%

    97% of people are already enrolled in a loyalty program

  • 25%

    Over 25% of people visit the website on their birthday

  • 50%

    50% of people open their follow-up email the day after a purchase

  • 57%

    57% of people admit having changed their purchase habits to maximize their rewards

  • 60%

    Likelihood of closing a sale with an existing customer, versus 5% with a new customer

  • 7X

    7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer