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Our Google Analytics experts can study your digital publicity campaigns’ and website’s performance in real time. Thanks to the tools at our disposition, we are able to analyze your campaign’s outreach and acquisition channels as well as your visitors’ behaviour and actions (number of hits, clicks or conversions). This analysis then allows us to optimize your campaign for even better results, always in accordance with your budget.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics makes it possible to paint an accurate portrait of your digital publicity campaign's or website's performance, such as your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance. On top of its analytic utility, this tool also lets us create customized reports according to the main components of a website's success (online sales, revenues, number of leads, number of pages viewed, returning visitors, duration of visits, bounce rates, origin of visitors, etc.). It's an indispensable tool for e-commerce and any web property.

Elisys offers the complete set-up of your Google Analytics account with any website creation contract and ensures efficient performance follow-ups to optimize your results.

Google Analytics Realisations

Contact our Certified Google Analytics specialists