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Since July 1st, 2017 Canada’s anti-spam legislation, which was officially put into place July 1st, 2014 for a transition period of 3 years, has now been fully implemented. But what does the legislation say concretely and how to comply with it? Discover these new provisions and the solutions offered by Elisys to communicate more effectively with customers.

The anti-spam legislation, or Bill C-28, is aimed to reduce the number of unwanted commercial emails that Canadians receive by imposing to companies and private individuals a certain amount of obligations they must meet when they send emails for commercial purposes. Since July, 1st 2017, all businesses need to comply with these new rules and change the way they reach their customers. But what are these rules?

What the legislation requires

The legislation applies to all electronic messages inviting their recipients to take part in a commercial activity, whether these messages take form of emails, text messages or direct messages on social media. The law prohibits the sending of commercial electronic messages without prior consent of the recipient.  

This consent may be tacit or express. The tacit consent is considered when the company has previously completed a transaction or a request or entered into a contract. The tacit agreement should not exceed a 2 year period after the transaction, the demand, or the contract has been concluded with a private individual. Prior to legislation, this tacit consent never expired. In addition to obtaining the consent from the recipient, the sender of the commercial email must also identify itself clearly by including its contact information and an exclusion mechanism.

If there were a violation of the law, severe financial penalties may apply in the form of fines of up to $10 millions for a business. To deal with this new regulation, companies need to find new ways to communicate with their customers.

LoyalAction, your alternative for quality communications

In recent years, the ways of communicating with customers have changed a lot and today they are expecting a much more personalized service.

The LoyalAction program gives you the opportunity to target your messages and to contact your customers according to each individual profile but also according to their purchasing habits or their communication preferences. The goal is to build customers loyalty and guide their purchasing behavior in order to meet your sales targets.

By adapting your message to each individual, it will be better received and more efficient. Thanks to LoyalAction, you are able to send personalized campaigns but also to provide a rewards program for your customers. It’s a new way of communicating with your customers in a more qualitative and more individualized way.

Thanks to billing integration, LoyalAction synchronizes transactions with the customer profile to send automated promotions, rewards and reminders. All your communications are managed by the program which ensures a good frequency in the sending of the message, in a personalized and targeted way.

Ask for more information by contacting one of our Elisys experts to know how to integrate the LoyalAction program into your marketing approach!